(Talladega Only)

26. Morisqueta   8.95
     Potato taquitos on a bed of white rice with
     sliced cabbage, tomato, potato, crumbled
     cheese, sour cream and tomatillo sauce.

27. Mexican Meatballs   10.25
     Two beef meatballs served in a delicious
     broth with potatoes, carrots, squash and
     celery. Topped with cheese.

28. Mexican Kabob   11.50
     Grilled Beef or Chicken kabob with onion,
     bell pepper, poblano pepper, tomato.
     Served with white rice and soy sauce.

29. Mexican Sandwich   8.25
     Grilled steak, refried beans, lettuce, tomato,
     fresh onion, avocado and queso fresco on a
     white bread. Side of fries.

30. Flaming Cheese
     Melted Mexican cheese served in a skillet
     with poblano peppers and pico de gallo.
     Side of flour tortillas.
               Steak or Grilled Chicken   12.95
               Shrimp   13.95
               Steak, Chicken & Shrimp   14.95
               Add Mixed Veggies   2.25
               Add Pepper & Onion   1.25

31. White Shrimp   13.95
     Grilled jumbo shrimp served on white rice
     with peppers and onions. Topped with
     cheese sauce.  
               Add Steak and Chicken   2.25

32. BBQ Ribs   16.95
     Rack of ribs served with a house salad and
     choice of fries or a baked potato.


Soft corn tortilla taco served
in traditional Mexican style with lime, cilantro and
salsa on the side.

Steak   3.25
Pork   3.25
Carnitas   3.25
al Pastor   3.25


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